Wyze Sprinkler Controller back in stock! - 3/2/21

Wyze Sprinkler Controller is back in stock! A green yard doesn’t have to be hard. Control up to 8-zones and set smart schedules all from your phone. You also get 1 year of Sprinkler Plus to make your lawn care even easier.

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My sprinkler has 9 zones (I think 12 but 9 in use/setup) so does that mean I can’t use this or does it mean I can but it can only control 8 zones?

If not, are there are any plans to release one with more than 8 zones?

You can use it but it would only control up to 8 zones. It’s possible that we’ll release a sprinkler controller with more zones later but it isn’t in concrete plans at this point.

Thanks for asking!

Very happy to see this (and the timing is perfect!) and ordered one as soon as I got the email about it. One question, though. I need to mount this outside. I realize that this controller, by itself, is not made for that. One of your competitors sells a weatherproof box for their “indoor” controller. Would that specific box (from Rachio) or something similar work with the Wyze Sprinkler Controller? Thanks!

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I was excited to order the Wyze Sprinkler but I just now realized there is a subscription fee for smart watering after a year. Your competitors who are already at market offer this service free. See B-Hyve as one example.

This product does not work with indexing valves. How do I determine if my system has indexing valves?

@AggieRock65, I don’t know if that specific weatherproof box will work but I am happy to say that we’re working on our own! Thanks for your order! :smiley:

@adamlewis06, that’s fair! There are ongoing costs that go with our subscription service and we want to make sure we can continue the same (or better) quality of service years from now. The subscription is optional but we understand your hesitation.

@jm2175, I’m sorry, I don’t have an answer for that. You may want to look up the support site for your system to see if they have that info. :slight_smile:

An Indexing valve is a valve that basically has 1 input and a number of outputs. Say 4-6 outputs. It moves from one output to the next output to the next.

I assume you know the other more common home type where you have a valve for each zone.

sprinkler controller with more zones is nice(i have 16 and 14 used) but maybe just update current model to support X2 controllers ? A1-A8 and B1-B8 ?

I am located in Canada and I have several Wyze products. I’m trying to place an order for the Sprinkler Controller. However, I am not able to select Canada as my country. Is there a problem with the system or am I doing something wrong? Thanks