Wyze Sprinkler Controller w/Traditional Above Ground Hoses, Sprinklers, Soaker Hoses, etc

The Wyze Sprinkler Controller looks pretty cool, but I do not presently have an in-ground sprinkler system, and my ground is hard, full of shallow tree roots, and I’m in Ohio where we get cold winters, so I would rather just have hoses and sprinklers I can put away for the winter. What valves and other components would I need to buy to build my own sprinkler system with the Wyze controller? I’m fairly hand with electrical and plumbing, so I’m not too concerned about doing it myself.

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Still looking for thoughts on what is needed to build a sprinkler system from scratch with this. Do I just need the zone valves, or is there more to it?

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Hi everyone. I’m navigating in uncharted waters here (I know… That was bad)
Anyway, I moved to our new home and it has a hunter pro c system controlling 11 zones.
Can I install 2 wyze sprinkler systems to replace the current controller? Will that work? Is there a link somewhere showing what to expect?

Thanks in advance