Replacing Hunter sprinkler system?

Can anyone tell me if I can replace my current sprinkler ( the Hunter SRC ) with the Wyze Sprinkler Controller? I already bought the Wyse one and before. I start taking apart the old one I just want to make sure it will work with my current setup. Thanks

It does appear so at first glance. Really the biggest limitation would be the # of zones which looks like you have 7x. Since the Wyze unit has 8x capable you should be fine.

You do have a number of other connections happening though and even some wires running in from outside of the box it seems. It might be helpful if you can list left to right what the legend below each terminal indicates. Could help determine what is power or sensors or whatever else is going on in that box besides the zones.

I’m not as knowledgeable with sprinkler wiring, but here’s the manual for this unit: Hunter SRC Plus Controller Owner's Manual - Irrigation Direct
It does list what each terminal is for and how it should be hooked up.