Trouble getting Wyze Sprinkler Controller to work

I’m having trouble getting my new Wyze 8 zone Sprinkler Controller to work. I’ve connected all the wires that the app told me to but I have a lot of extra wires leftover from my last Hunter SRC controller. I tested it first connecting just what they told me to connect then again with the additional wires. The sprinklers will not turn on with either configuration. I have uploaded a picture of my old setup. Some are hard to read so the labels from left to right are: 24VAC, R, RS, C, MV, 1-9 (I’m only using 7 of the zones).

have you looked at the documentation for your Hunter to see what the terminals are for? maybe they’re for sensors?

on mine, I’m using the Wyze power adapter, wires on 7 zones, and C…that’s it…try setting yours up similarly

It is my understanding that your L-R labels/wiring translates to the following;

  • 24AC + = Power positive
  • 24AC - = Power negative. (It seems that they have a set of wires coming in that powers the unit and then another set that carries power to an accessory. )
  • R = is the remote interface to operate the controller without standing in front of it
  • RS = Rain sensor, in this case it looks like you have 3x wires in there and since 2x of them are white I think your rain sensor is the purple cable and the 2x white cables might be the common for pump relays?
  • C = common, any valve’s will have their common coming back here. Since there are 2x it tells me that you either have 2x wire bundles or an active master valve.
  • MC = Master Valve. this would turn the main water feed valve on/off at start/end of schedules.
  • 1-9 = are your zones and in this case it looks like zone 7x is jumped into 8x and 9x as well.

So if i was you I would do the following;

  • take the 24V wires and match them into the Wyze unit. One of these combination sets is going to be your hot leads. If you can trace the cables you can see which ones come from the PSU and use just those.
  • Skip the R connection.
  • I would take the 2x white out of RS and put them into the Wyze C (common). The theory here being that if you have pump relays they might not kick on without connection. It might not be a bad idea to label these two white cables just so you know which ones they are compared to the other white common wires.
  • Take all the cables connected to C and move them over to C on the Wyze unit as well. The Wyze unit has 2x C connections, they are parallel so doesn’t matter which one you connect to.
  • M goes also to M on the Wyze unit. In the app go through the settings within the sprinkler controller and make sure you let it know you are using a master valve so it knows to activate that.
  • Lastly connect 1-7.

The catch here is that it seems you have either relays or an active master valve involved. Without wires being labeled its a bit of a guess as to what some of these are doing. If your setup still does not work I would start by removing the 2x white cables from the C connection that you took out of the RS connection on the Hunter. Next I would see if you can locate the master valve and manually open it, if so you can remove the M connection and see if the controller works in that configuration. The reasoning there being that somehow the wiring or programming isn’t opening the master valve to allow water flow.

Anything beyond that is going to need someone more knowledgeable on the Hunter/your installation :slight_smile:

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