Sprinkler Install Hunter Pro-C to Wyze

Looking for some guidance on my installation. I am confused on how to install my Wyze Sprinkler.

I have found the 5 zones and i think a common wire, but I have sensors that are connected to other wires which I am not sure where they go. ( Our sensor no longer works so I dont need that connected )

Here is my wiring. First question, can i ignore the AC part and just plug my Wyze, or is there some sort of transformer ? Also, I have a blue wire connected to a grey wire which goes into the sensor and then i have a red wired that is connected to a purple wire and goes into the other sensor? Didnt see anything in the manual on that !

Thank you so much !


I had the same Hunter, looks like the red & blue wires are the power. You can use those wires to power the Wyze sprinkler or just use the included power supply from Wyze. If the sensors don’t work just disregard them. All you need is power, common wire and the zones wired.

Looks like the black wires are actually power, labeled AC they appear to be 24V. You should be able to to transfer the black AC wires to the Wyze unit. I would connect the ground to a ground option if you have it. If you want to use the Wyze power supply I would trace the existing black lines, they probably go to a transformer themselves and turn it off. For me it was a cleaner install to use the already ran 24V wires so I did not end up using the Wyze power supply.

White (C) goes to either of the Wyze (C) COM ports.

Zones 1-5 straight into 1-5 on the Wyze as well.

The blue/grey and red/purple appear to be the sensor. If you are not going to use the sensor you can disregard them. The blue and red only seem to extend the grey and purple for some reason so if you wanted to remove them and cap off grey/purple you can.

Thank you so much for all the help!! I added the C wire and the zones with the included power from
Wyze and it’s up and running !

My Hunter Pro C has nine wires in it, which seems to exceed Wyze’s limit of 8 zones. But I only have three valves so I don’t understand how I can have 9 zones. As you may guess, I am completely new to sprinkler systems. Can anyone help?