How to install Sprinkler Controller with no C (Common) wires

As seen in the picture below, my previous controller doesn’t have any Common wires, or even MV wires. There are wires 1 - 7 and also Input and GND. I went through the Wyze Sprinkler Controller setup anyways without inserting anything into the C slot. But, the water doesn’t come on when the Zones are started. Not sure what else to do. Any ideas on how to get this to work?

What are the white cables on the bottom right of your controller? Seems to me thats the wires you are looking for. You have two bundles going to valves and it looks like both their white is attached to that bottom right terminal. In this case that might be the common instead of ground.

Thanks for responding. Those two white wires are both connected to GRD. In the picture, the “G” is blocked, but the “RD” shows. Should I put those two wires into the ‘C’ (Common) wire slots on the Wyze Sprinkler controller?

In the picture I can see the GRD you are mentioning, but I can also see something above that. What are the letters above GRD? They are also partially blocked by the white wire. My money is on the fact that that terminal is both GRD and COM and those are the wires you need for the C connection.

It’s working! Thanks a bunch.

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Glad you figured it out.

I see you got yours to work. Can you tell me where you put the 24VAC wires on the far right when unint on the Wyze controller. Mine have large terminals and I’m not sure how to cut them wnd where they go