Wyze Sprinkler with 12 Zones

Hey everyone,

So received my Wyze sprinklers a few months ago and ordered 2 as I have a total of 12 zones on the property. So I have them split 8 on 1 and 4 on the other.

My question is I only have one C, which to my understanding acts like a trigger.

Do I need to split and connect the C to BOTH controllers or will one act as controller for both?

Thanks in advance.


It is my understanding that the C line is β€œCommon” and it is the first connection that each zone uses to complete the circuit and activate the valve. The second connection are the individual zone runs. Another way to look at it is for common to be β€œ-” and your zone wire to be β€œ+”. Since every zone/valve uses a β€œ-” its easy to wire them in series. In this way there is no need for 2x separate wires to be used per zone/circuit.

So with that in mind I would say that you could split the C line or even jump it from one controller to the next and everything should still function as normal.

Okay great thank you!

I will just jump it. Much simpler

Did jumping it work? I have 12 zones to control too.

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