Wyze sprinkler controller question

I have more than 8 zones on my sprinkler system. Is it possible to use two of these controllers ?

I see no reason why not, just wire the zones you want to each controller and set a schedule in each


Can someone tell me if I can run zone 1 and zone 2 at the same time? I want to put a main line control valve as zone 1 and the actual sprinklers as zone 2-8. So when I start watering I would run zone 1 for the duration of the watering and cycle through the other zones 2-8, then when finished turn off zone 1.

You cannot run more than 1x zone at a time, but the sprinkler controller does have a Main (M) connection for your use case. Simply connect the main valve to the M connection (all the way on the left, next to the first C connection) on the sprinkler controller and then in the system settings within the app for the controller indicate you are using a switched main valve.