Multipal Sprinkler Controllers

If I need 2 sprinkler controllers to handle my circuits, do I need 2 Sprinkler Plus Subscriptions?

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Yes, one Sprinkler Plus subscription can only be used one controller.

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You simply can’t have multiple controllers. From the Wyze Sprinkler Controller FAQ:

Does Wyze Sprinkler work with more than 8 zones?
No, Wyze Sprinkler is only compatible with up to 8 zones. Do not attempt to put multiple wires into one terminal or link two devices together.

Brlepage, if you know that the same Wyze account and one instance of the app on a smart phone can now control multiple sprinkler controllers, that’s great, but I haven’t seen that explicitly stated yet.

This answer is to a different question.
True, the instructions say to NOT put multiple valves on one zone.
The question asked about needing subscription for additional CONTROLLERS.