Two Sprinklers Only One Plus

I have two sprinkler controllers but i can only get one sprinkler controller to work with plus. Is this a Wyze limitation, or how can i get plus on both controllers?

I have the same issue; did you ever get this resolved?

Unfortunately not. Maybe your comment will wake someone up!

Each controller requires its own subscription I’m afraid. This was confirmed to me by Wyze Customer Service. You must purchase a second subscription and then you will be able to activate Plus in the Wyze app for the second controller.

I had assumed that each controller would need a subscription but having setup the first one, the “Upgrade Now” button in the app won’t do anything. I can find no other way to start a second subscription.

You must go to the website to redeem a code or straight up purchase a subscription. Once you have purchased, then the Activate Button will work.

Make sure the website account is using the same email as the app login.

After login: Click on the menu (double bar upper left) and select Account.

Then, click on My Services and in the drop down choose Redemption (if you have code for a free year of Sprinkler Plus) or Service Plans to make a purchase.

If you already have a subscription, your credit card should be there to confirm.

After purchase, go back to the app and now you can click on Activate or Upgrade button.

Sorry for taking so long to reply but thank you for your help. Spring has sprung so I am now trying to get my second sprinkler controller working. Since last year I have lost the redemption code. I cannot find a way to add another service through the web site and the “Upgrade Now” button in the app still does nothing. I continue to feel that because I have one subscription already the apps don’t offer a subscription method. But I am hoping you can prove me wrong.


The instructions I provided above/previously still apply. Please follow them exactly. Until you make a purchase via the website, you can’t do anything in the app to activate a subscription or service.

First, make a purchase via the website. Once you have clicked on My Services, you must select “Service Plans” not “Redemption” since you don’t have a code.

Only after a purchase, go back to the app and the Activate or Upgrade button will work.

See my problem…

You are in the app via a web browser not the regular site.

  1. Follow the link below
  2. Add subscription to your cart
  3. Login to your Wyze Account using the same email address as your account with the app
  4. Purchase

Then go to the app and you can then add the subscription you purchased.

Sprinkler Plus Subscription

You had previously directed me to But it was possible at, so thank you. I now have service on both my controllers.