Can't click any links for sprinkler plus in Android app

I just setup my new wyze sprinkler. I’m trying to add my 1 year of sprinkler plus subscription, but I can’t seem to do it. Big banner at the top that says activate sprinkler plus does nothing, clicked everywhere in that box, but no luck. Anywhere else in the app that is paywalled, or says learn more, clicking on those sections/links does nothing either.

I tried scanning the QR code on the provided sheet, which takes me to the website, but it tells me I need to activate on my phone.

I’m running the latest Android app, and upgraded the device firmware to latest as well. Any ideas?

Tried going to Wyze Coupon Redeem and putting my code in there, but it doesn’t seem to be working there either. Says the code is invalid. My code has a space, and what I’m guessing is a zero in it, so I’m not 100% sure I’m typing it in correctly though.

The sprinkler plus setup guide document seems to need to be updated. It says to click the activate sprinkler plus button in the top right, which doesn’t exist.

Any other ideas about how to activate my account? I’ll try signing into my account from my wife’s iPhone later and see if that makes a difference.

Edit: Tried on my wife’s iPhone with my credentials. Still no luck. Any item/button/link in the app related to sprinkler plus does nothing on both Android and iPhone.

Contact support. They were recently aware of an issue of not being able to activate the sprinkler Plus service, and put out a fix for it. WyzeJasonJ posted this update recently;

Will you make sure your iOS devices are on that app version? If so, and you’re still not able to access it, then please contact support so they can log that there is still an issue.

iOS version that I tried on is Android version is 2.50.5.

I contacted support. We’ll see what happens.

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This is still an issue. I installed my Wyze Sprinkler almost 2 weeks ago and was not able to activate Sprinkler Plus. The supplied QR code originally went to a real website but now comes up with code (html or php). Contacted support via chat. It has taken the assigned support person over a week to email me and all they gave me was the original instructions.

Is there a way to talk to someone directly?

I contacted support. They told me that the code in the box was no longer supported and that there was no longer a free 1 year trial of Sprinkler Plus available. Which is disappointing, but… They provided me with the following link to purchase:

I bought it just now, and it seems to have activated with no issues. I still couldn’t click any of the links in the app to drive me to the purchase page, but once I bought it, the activate button in the app worked fine. Whether or not I should have gotten a year free with my newly purchased device is a different question, but at least it’s working now.

It remains to be seen whether it’s worth it or not. The automatic schedule it made for me put in pretty ridiculous numbers for watering times.

I have been going through the same thing for two months now and could not find a link to purchase it either. Tech support is just a front and full of Sh*t. I’m glad you finally found some help and an honest individual. I assume the others are afraid to say that the code is just an add-on bait.