Sprinkler Plus - Unable to Activate, Error message

This has been driving me nuts. I purchased the Wyze Sprinkler monthso ago and have been using it without Sprinkler Plus service. I then added Wyze Home Monitoring, which came with 3 months free of service. Home Monitoring is supposed to come with Sprinkler Plus, but ever time i try to activate it, I get an error message. I’ve contacted support twice about this and don’t get a response. I’ve deleted the app twice now and reinstalled to try and fix it. I’ve even deleted the Sprinkler device and re-paired, as directed by support. No luck.

Here’s what happens:

At the top of the iOS app’s sprinkler page, it says “Activate Available License”. When I click that, a pop-up shows up saying “You have a new subscription that is ready to be activated” and then gives me two options “Later” and “Activate”. When I click “activate”, a new pop-up shows up that says “The plan is expired or not available”

I’m still within the first 3 months of the Home Monitoring service. And I haven’t added updated billing details for the Home Monitoring service because if i do that, I’ll lose close to two months of the free 3-month plan period (was told this by support specialist). I’ve logged into my Wyze account on the website and confirmed I have Sprinkler Plus service.

Issue is, I can’t seem to activate it within my iOS app.

And yes, I’m uses the latest iOS version and downloaded the latest iOS Wyze app.

Please help! Wyze Ticket 3306303

I’m having the exact same issue and customer service seem to be no help at all I call 6 times and no one had a clue what’s going on I even spoke to a supervisor and still noting. Thinking about switching to something else because this is BS.

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My wife asked me if there were other options. I told her there probably are but I’m already pretty deep in the Wyze ecosystem. When I reported an issue with the Wyze Plug over a year ago, the customer support seemed confused and unhelpful. However, I believe they were sending the reports to the technical teams and this resulted in a firmware update. I’m hoping the same here because I have regularly recommended Wyze to friends. This issue is particularly frustrating because a subscription ($$) is involved. Hope someone sees this and starts looking into this. As a software engineer, it’s frustrating I can’t talk to the technical team directly. But whatever!

My think is why can’t the just activate the subscription on their end…

Support finally got back to me, but they didn’t provide me with the response I was hoping for. They suggested I open the box the Sprinkler device came in and use the 1-year service redemption code. Doing so requires you to enter payment information for when the 1 year expires.

So now the My Services page shows that I should have access the Sprinkler Plus due to my 3-month trial of Wyze Home Monitoring), as well as, the 1-year subscription I had a redemption code for. Now I’m expecting to have to fight this battle again in a year because Wyze support is not understanding the issue (which is that the Home Monitoring 3-month trial should have been the only service necessary to activate Sprinkler Plus).

I tried that too and it didn’t work for me.

I’m having the same issue. I have home monitoring and I am unable to access the sprinkler plus features. Did you ever get a fix from wyze?

All I’ve done is use the free coupon code to get it to work. I’ll know more after 10/25 when the subscription in the image is set to expire.

Thanks… I did the same and it worked.

I purchased my sprinkler controller in March 2024 and still have not been able to redeem my 1-year voucher. I’ve reached out to tech support at least 4 times and never got a solution or much less a response. Honestly, I’m contemplating returning to a Rachio controller – it just worked.