Beware of Sprinkler Plus Bait & Switch

I recently purchased the Wyze Sprinkler Controller with high expectations. The product description on the Wyze website clearly stated that it included a free one-year subscription to the Wyze Sprinkler Plus Weather service. However, after I installed the controller, I discovered that the promised free one-year subscription was no longer being fulfilled by Wyze. While I purchased the $9.99 subscription (I understand it is not much, but it is the principle of the thing) Wyze would not refund me the purchase price but sent me a $10 Wyze gift card that cannot be used for subscriptions. Whoopie-dang-do.
The product packaging prominently displayed the free 1-year subscription Included label. Yet, when I tried to activate it, I hit a brick wall. The included activation code would not work.
I contacted customer support, hoping for a quick resolution. Instead, I got the runaround. They stated that “We regret to inform you that due to recent changes in our promotions, we are unable to activate free subscriptions from Wyze Sprinkler Plus coupons.” I could understand it if the product packaging were outdated. However, the Wyze website (not a 3rd party vendor) description, to this day, clearly states that the free subscription is still included.
What infuriates me even more is that the company continues to advertise the same product with the free subscription. It’s like rubbing salt in the wound. If you are not offering it anymore, update your marketing materials!

I feel cheated and misled. The Wyze Sprinkler Controller itself might be decent, but the broken promise of the free subscription has left a bitter taste. As a consumer, and user of four other Wyze products, I expect honesty and transparency. Unfortunately, this experience has eroded my trust in this brand.

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Received my sprinkler controller on June 20th and installed the same day. Ordering page displayed 1yr free, outside of box says 1yr free, flyer inside of the box has a code for one year free.

Could not activate the one year of sprinkler plus.

Contacted Wyze tech support.

Wyze support first response, go to linked site and enter your code to get your one year free.

I respond back, that site is a dead link.

Wyze support second response, we are sorry to inform you the one year free promotion is no longer available.

I repond back, you are false advertising frauds and I will never buy another one of your products.