Sprinkler Plus Subscription Just Stopped

My Sprinkler Plus Subscription just stopped working without any notice. Well I noticed when my lawn turned brown. I have multiple subscriptions all overlapping because they give you free this and free that on top of the Home Monitoring that I purchased for a year and they cannot manage any of the subscriptions they offer. Everything says my subscriptions are good at least until the end of the year (at which point I have to contact them to apply my purchased subscription) on the services site, on the app, but Sprinkler says I need to activate Sprinkler Plus. I do that and it tells me I have to wait and restart the app. Well, surprise, that’s not working. I keep telling myself I have to give up on Wyze. I’m an early adopter pre-ordered first Wyze Cam. And I have just about every product of theirs, but it seems like every 3-6 months I’m pulling my hair out over product or service failures. :frowning:

Clear your app cache in account > app settings. Then check the services tab in account > services. If it says you don’t have sprinkler plus but you think you do, contact support.

Going on 7 months of trying to get support to help/fix this… No luck.