Sprinkler plus subscription

Just got off the phone with Wyze. I purchased a sprinkler controller November 18, 2020. I was told as an early purchase I would get 2 years of Sprinkler Plus free. Just noticed it was not listed on my subscriptions list. After calling I was told that my “credit” was used on cam plus when I didn’t renew it. Never was I informed of this transaction. Be sure to check your subscription on sprinkler plus. Had I paid, they would have beat me out of $$. Since I didn’t lose my money, they just confiscated any TRUST I might have had in the company. Many previous purchases…no more.

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Welcome to the community, I am sorry you had an experience that damaged your trust in us. When you called in were you given a ticket number and if so could you give it to me so I can look into this.