Sprinkler preorder - what happened to 3 yrs of plus?

I received my Sprinkler Controller in Feb 2021. Was supposed to have 3yrs of plus.
So, why did I receive the following in an email yesterday?

" It looks like your Wyze Labs subscription payment of $0.80 (using a American Express ending in xxxx) didn’t go through. If you want to continue having all the bells and whistles of your Sprinkler Plus Yearly plan, [please update your information here]"

Welcome back to the forum @mtkoehler.

I do remember the 3 year offer for Sprinkler plus offered in November of 2020 with the pre-order. Assuming the delivery was in February 2021 since a pre-order.

I would suggest reaching out to Wyze Support regarding the email and timeline of the offer.

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