Sprinkler pre-order came with 1 year of Sprinkler plus instead of 3?

I just received my pre-order Sprinkler Controller today - I’m excited to get it setup :slight_smile:
Inside the box is a code for 1 year of Sprinkler Plus but the pre-order indicated that 3 years would be provided for the pre-orders.

I didn’t want to put in the code in case it was the wrong one - will this code magically turn into 3 years when I enter it if it detects I am a pre-order? Or were there supposed to be 3 coupons in the box?

I checked my email and online account to see if the other two years were in an electronic code or email but i didn’t see it if so.

I’m looking forward to trying this out :slight_smile:

I am told that when you activate the code it will be for three years. I believe they had changed it to 3 after the materials were printed. When you activate the code it will show a renewal date in one year but you will have credit for 2 more renewals. There should be an email coming with information about this


Thanks - yes I did that and that sort of worked - but then I selected 3 in the redeem option because it looked like that’s what i needed to do to redeem 3 years of sprinkler plus from my credit.

Instead, that gave me 1 year of sprinkler plus for 3 sprinklers expiring next year - which wasn’t right - so i adjusted the qty in the itnerface back to 1 - but instead of extending the date - it just cancelled two of the sprinkler units and did a net-zero refund leaving me 1 year of sprinkler plus and no credit.

So now I’m back to 1 year- I understand I probably did it wrong but this interface was pretty confusing.

I’m on the phone waiting for a rep hoping to get this resolved as I’m assuming this can’t be resolved via the forum :slight_smile:

I’m still looking forward to a great experience with the Wyze Sprinkler Controller of course :slight_smile: but think maybe someone might check the user flow on this and maybe make it clearer what to do for a single controller / 3 year scenario during the redemption process - although it’s possible i missed a clear instruction on how to do this so if so my apologies for checking out too fast and not carefully reading the instructions for how to claim the credit then spend it :slight_smile:

Looking forward to getting underway with the controller after this :slight_smile:

My understanding is when it comes time to renew it will do it twice at no charge

If youlook at the emails sent out by WYZE you just select 1 sprinkler and one year… it automatically gives you a 2 year credit…

That’s what I did clicked on the 1 year and it gave me a credit of $19.98 for the other 2 years. I had no problem I’m loving the Wyze sprinkler system so far.

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Yes thanks - the agent let me know they’d send out those emails in response to the confusion from me and a few others on initial setup so glad they are helping others! :slight_smile:

They had to open an email case to fix my service entries after my initial confusion so hopefully that will be done soon.

I love the controller too though with snow coming to Texas later this week I can’t use it much yet - but my tests have been great (and fun!)

Hey all! Sorry for the confusion on the service. You’re right that we printed the cards and packaging before increasing the free period. When you checkout on services.wyze.com you will want to keep the quantity at 1 as increasing it will add a second license to your account. Hopefully that clears up any confusion! Thanks again for backing Wyze Sprinkler Controller!