An additional SPRINKLER PLUS subscription is actually a second LICENSE, not a second SUBSCRIPTION!

Is it only me?

Adding Sprinkler Plus to a second Sprinkler controller took me several interactions with Wyze support over 3 days.

The APP has a bug, and one path of the web site is a dead end, and the other was needlessly obtuse (sez I :grinning:)

The fact that the chat agent escalated this to a higher tier of support who first sent me down a dead end supports my story.

I am spending time writing this hoping that Wyze can someday make this better for the next person via APP and site improvements.

The APP (both Android and my wife’s iPhone) nicely offered “Upgrade Now” but ignored all clicks on this link. That is a bug.
That button does NOT react. I cannot UPGRADE here, or anywhere inside the APP.


  1. First, the dead end: At the web site, I ended up here: and which offered a “Subscribe” button under Sprinkler Plus. I clicked the button, it asked me to choose my billing cycle (I saw “billed annually” selected for me). Then selecting NEXT I am refused this subscription, saying that I already HAVE IT.

Here is where I missed a nuance of this instruction. It says:
“You have already subscribed to this plan. If you are trying to redeem a coupon code for a service you already have, click on “Redeem” above and manually enter the coupon code. To add licenses or modify your current plan, click “edit” or “add a subscription” below.”
I took "to add licenses… click “edit” or “add a subscription below” at face value. I DID want to add a subscription, so I again clicked the big button “Add a subscription”. (The phrasing to to choose “edit” or “add a subscription” seemed clear. I want to ADD. What does “editing” a subscription mean anyway? It actually DOES mean everything! more later).

  1. I use the Chat Bot at this point, which was absurdly useless in this case. Then I learned the trick to reach a human via chat, who read my story and then said he had to escalate to specialists who would email me.

  2. The first Wyze staffer to email me sent me to the same page, and so I followed the same path again and got the same error. On this page, I am only offered to “Subscribe” not anything.

  3. I spent an hour responding with my whole story about what has happened and what I have tried so far.

  4. Today I received a really useful step by step instruction from a different staffer. He said:

"I see that you are having issues purchasing your 2nd Sprinkler Plus subscription. Let me help you from here.

Since you already have a Sprinkler Plus plan, I’m afraid you can’t purchase a separate one. Instead, I would suggest adding 1 more license to your existing plan instead so you can have 2 Sprinkler Plus licenses on your account.

  • Go to
  • Log in to your account.
  • Go to “My Account” page by clicking on the person icon on the top-right part of the page.
  • Click on “Edit” beside Sprinkler Plus.
  • Change the number of subscriptions from 1 to 2."

This worked perfectly! Thank you Jonathan Q.!

Please change the last sentence of your error response:
“You have already subscribed to this plan. If you are trying to redeem a coupon code for a service you already have, click on “Redeem” above and manually enter the coupon code. To add licenses or modify your current plan, click “edit” or “add a subscription” below.

to have the last line simply say

" To add additional licenses to your current subscription, click “edit” next to the plan."

  • Why have an error message for the ALREADY subscribed case that tells me to click the “add a subscription” as a fix?
  • Why not also change “edit” to a more descriptive “ADD or CANCEL”? for each subscription?
  • How about changing the “Add a subscription” button to “Add a unique type of subscription to your account”? :grinning:

I wonder… Is it really important for Wyze to stick with a distinction between “subscription” and “license” with it being the first is a Subscription, but another is NOT a second subscription, it is a second LICENSE on the ONE subscription you already have? That is weird.

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I don’t have the Sprinkler Controller, but I do have an unused Sprinkler Subscription. But that’s not relevant. :rofl:

I believe the website needs to be MUCH more descriptive when you start managing subscriptions. Way too many reports of customers duplicating subscriptions or accidentally deleting the wrong one.

When I first started, I also added a new subscription rather than adding a cam license to an existing subscription. It made my cams expire at different times. However, adding a cam license to an existing subscription allows all cams to expire on the same subscription expiration date and you aren’t charged for the full term, just the time left on the term.

Rather than having an Edit button by each sub, there should be one Edit button for the page. Then it should list the Subs and ask you to click which one you want to edit. Once selected, it should then ask “Do you want to add a device license under the existing subscription, purchase a new additional subscription like this one, terminate this subscription, or change your payment method?” Each of these selections should have an explanation of what it does and how it will affect term, charges, and devices.

But, the choice between new subscription and add a license should remain seperate. Customers should have the choice to keep an annual subscription but add a monthly seperate one. If users want to spread out their payments, they should also have the flexibility to have 12 identical annual subscriptions that bill in separate months if that is what they want rather than one annual subscription x12 in one balloon payment.