Wyze Sprinkler 24v AC connection

Finally set out to install my Wyze Sprinkler. Coding the wires was super easy. But the power is another story.

My existing Hunter controller already has a transformer that takes the DC power and converts it to 24v AC.

It looks like the grey terminals are for 24v AC. They are lableled as such. Why would I not be able to just plug in the existing AC wires, and the ground wire, into the grey terminals to get power?

If those terminals aren’t for power, what are they for?

From what I understand the 24v terminals are for outgoing power. They are used to power rain and soil sensors. I just bought a weatherproof universal sprinkler box from Orbit on Amazon which has a built in outlet. Its been working well for over a month.

Thank you j.rosen - this is much more clear. I didn’t see that in any of the Wyze documentation. Just bought the Orbit box. Thanks again!

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I am powering mine through the 24V grey terminals and it works just fine. There are two labeled “+” and “-” respectively. Power comes in through that. I have a rain sensor hooked up to the next grey terminal “S1” as detailed in their pages → https://wyzelabs.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360052569471

This is even better. Do you have a ground wire? Where are you connecting that?

Based on their documentation your rain sensor should be plugged into a combination of the 24V terminals and S1/S2. Mine gets plugged into the - and S1. Its hard to tell if the rain sensor is actually working since the app doesn’t show anything about it but I don’t think just plugging it in to a single S spot will power it. When I installed mine I reached out to support and was told that I needed to run it off of the included power adapter.

I’m using the transformer that was in my old rainbird controller to feed the 24V. The transformer itself has a ground wire and is grounded but there is no ground for the wyze controller. Even the supplied wall wart brick does not have a group lug so I’m not concerned.

You are correct. And mine is wired up that way. You are correct that it’s hard to tell if anything is working since there is no visual feedback. However in my case I have seen several skips notated due to the rain sensor so I’m fairly confident it is working correctly. The only odd thing I experienced was the polarity of the rain sensor which I thought didn’t matter. At one point though it was always skipping so I swapped the cables and it seems to work correctly now.

I have never seen my system skip due to the rain sensor. I wish Wyze would build a feature into the app so we can see the status of it. My unit is in offline mode due to some recent connection issues but that should go away once I add a new access point to that area this weekend. Maybe I will start seeing skips for rain.

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It will look something like this. But I very much agree that they need much more and better feedback in the app.


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This worked perfectly for me. Every other connection worked exactly like the videos and documentation. I kept the ground wire where it was, tied to the existing terminal.

The Wyze controller was a touch too small to fit perfectly into my grey Hunter box. But I turned it diagonally and was able to get the door mostly closed. Our system is indoors, thanks to a remodel a few years ago, so I don’t have to worry about outdoor exposure like most people.

Thanks again for all the help.

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@JonW - I am planning to install it this week. Like others I also have 24VAC connection available on my existing system. It is not exactly clear what works? I am curious as well do we still need to plugin the system with provided power cord in addition to 24VAC?

Please let me know.

Negative. Once you connect the 24V from the previous installation it replaces the need for the wallwart power.

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@SergL thanks for confirming. I will give it a shot this week and report back.

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I was able to setup the sprinkler yesterday. I have wired rain sensor to S1 and so far it does seem to all work as excepted (no way to confirm the sensor though). But it seems to over water. What are your thoughts on this? Should I be doing some tweaking or the automated schedule is efficient?

Agreed on the rain sensor feedback being very lackluster. Once it rains and it skips a watering it will list the rain sensor as the reason but up until then there is no way to see it in action.

I tend to agree on the over watering comment. There was some feedback from a Wyze product manager to the tune of that being their approach. (link here → Wyze Sprinkler "Smart Schedule" Questionable) But I very much bought this unit to actually use less water :slight_smile: So the biggest thing is to adjust the settings in your zones data to as close to realistic as possible. I found that hard to do in some of my zones due to difference in soil and/or crop type but got as close as I could. From there I let it run a few times and then just ended up making my own fixed schedules semi based on what the smart schedule did.