Sprinkler 24v input

My old sprinkler controller system has 24v power supply wires already.

Instead of using the barrel plug to provide power, can i use those existing 24v wires by connecting them to the 24v gray terminals that are next to S1/S2 terminals?

In other words, can those 24v grey terminals be used to power the unit as well as power remote sensors?

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You will need to use the included adapter for Wyze Sprinkler Controller. Thanks for the question!

Its unfortunate that they went with a plug instead of the ability to wire the system into the existing dedicated line. All of the new build houses in my area have dedicated power to the controllers. I got a weatherproof box from Amazon that has a built in outlet that I am going to use to install mine.


Exactly! I already have dedicated power to my sprinkler controller. I can not easily plug in the Wyze included adapter. (not nearby)

I think i will solder a barrel plug onto my existing wires. Then connect the barrel plug to the Wyze controller. That should work…

@WyzeMike Can you update us on what the 24V terminals on the sprinkler controller would be for otherwise? I installed mine using the existing transformer that was already in the box, into the 24V terminals on the Wyze unit and its been working just fine.

edit, tagging @WyzeShanee as well for insight