Sprinkler Controller

I just pre-ordered the Wyze sprinkler controller. Can I see the manual for the DIY instructions to plug it into my existing system?
I am new so excuse me if I posted this the wrong way. I am actually trying to get an answer from Wyze. Thanks

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Check Wyze support page

Any support info that is currently released can be found here.



Thank you Jason but I already went through that. I would like to see how to actually replace my present controller when I receive the Wyze controller. Diagrams, videos, or PDF/Docx.

I will bookmark this thread and as soon as I know of one being available I will link to it here.

**Note: I do not work for Wyze and am just a user that volunteers a bit of time so until the release it I wont have it either

Thank you, Jason.
Stay safe.

Is there a wiring diagram available? Specifically I’d like to see that there are separate terminals for a master valve. I don’t use a master valve with my current system but I take the 24 Volts off of the Master Valve terminals to drive a relay which provides on/off status of the irrigation controller via my home automation system. In the future I will likely use the 24 volts off of the master valve terminals to integrate into an auto shutoff system for my water mains. Therefore I need the 24 volts from the master valve terminals.

I did see in the photos on the website the master valve has separate terminals.

I’m glad to see Wyze develop a sprinkler product but please offer more Zones. 8 up to 16 zones are the standard from other companies and should cover most homes.

Thanks. DD

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Can you post the link that shows the photos that show the terminals that are identified as Master Valve? I looked on the web site and I didn’t see anything that specific. Thanks.