Say hello to Wyze Sprinkler Controller - 11/17/20

Meet Wyze Sprinkler Controller - your lawn and garden’s new best friend.

Set it up in less than 20 minutes and we’ll automatically create optimal schedules based on the weather, and you can start and stop watering up to 8 zones from the Wyze app you know and love. It’s all powered by Sprinkler Plus, our affordable membership that delivers hyper-local weather data to your irrigation system.

Pre-order now for $49.99 to get free shipping and 3 years of Sprinkler Plus included!


Take my money, Wyze… Awesome! @WyzeGwendolyn


Happy to do so! :wink:

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Plans for a unit with more than 8 zones? My controller has 9 so this is useless for me. Would prefer 12-15 zone controller. Hopefully in the near future.


Awesome price!

Love the controller, and the price, and the features.

A little shocked you made some features a subscription that could fairly easily be free and run locally through the internet without significant (or possibly any) cost to Wyze…

It is still better or more than most alternatives out there…I’m guessing it was easier to run everything through your servers and bandwidth than directly from the device, so this cost is needed to offset that, but it is a shame it wasn’t all developed to run locally. But does provide a potential “Set it and forget it” type of functionality that will allow someone to never have to think about their sprinklers all year long. I can see how that can be worth $10/yr to lots of busy people.

At $50, I’m tempted to go reinstall new sprinklers lines (my old lines have leaks so we stopped using them) so we can do this. I mean, that’s cheaper than what other companies charge for a single outdoor faucet controller! :slight_smile: Hmm, especially with 3 years of Sprinkler Plus included…

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Well, there goes my perfect Wyze purchase record. :cry: I don’t have an irrigation system for my yard and I don’t have any flower or vegetable gardens.

Is this 5GHz capable? This looks great but I need the wifi to be able to handle 5GHz or I cannot use it.

When is this scheduled to ship? I’m moving And want to make sure I don’t miss it. Looks great!

It is not… only 2.4GHz

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So Rather than black or white, this time the product is half/half both black and white at the same time, is that intentional to troll both of the

“Why isn’t it in Black / Why isn’t it in White”

crowds? or compromise with each halfway? :rofl: I love it.

Very professional look, not huge and bulky, but still usable from either the device or GUI. I’m very impressed with the GUI design.
Also love that you built in offline scheduling functionality! That is great!

Nice job Wyze.

We will be shipping in late January!


I currently have a Rainbird controller. Will I be able to replace the Rainbird with the Wyze controller?

What power source does the controller support - a wired electric configuration? Batteries?

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Is there an install video to watch, like the one for the doorbell you had for pre order?

Hi Wyze, would your hyperlocal weather support Canada at this time, or would the service be limited to American addresses?

I don’t see the ability to schedule by skip days. In our area we are allowed to water every 3rd day. Did I miss that in the specs or can it handle it?


Is it possible to manually start and stop sprinkler zones from the smart-phone app? This is useful when doing maintenance on the sprinkler system (i.e. replace or adjust sprinkler heads)


I am assuming there is a way of turning on zones manually from the phone. I wish it was 5ghz, but I have so many products that require 2.4ghz, that I won’t be moving from it anytime soon.

I have already ordered it to replace my Hunter. I was looking for something that was 8 zones and wifi controllable. I have 7 zones and want to add one more. You really hit my needs on the head. It took me about a minute before ordering it :slight_smile:

I should have mentioned I have been looking for about year to find a product that wasn’t a million dollars, had this many zones, and was simple to use…way to go!

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Are you adding any wireless water sensors? I have a rain sensor I am guessing will work with yours, but I was hoping to have a wireless sensor in my flower bed to read the amount of moisture.

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8 zones…How many watering programs…?

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