My wyze sprinkler setup

Hey wyzers just installed my wyze sprinkler controller. I read a lot about the wires showing so I made something to cover it up. It’s not fully finished yet but eventually I’ll get around to cleaning it up some more. So far so good no problems Except for trying to hook up my orbit wireless rain sensor I eventually figured it out but it took me a bit as it wasn’t quite clear online. The other thing is the 24v transformer is pretty loud maybe they can address that or has anyone tried a different brand transformer and it be quieter? Also would like to see the display only light up the zones you actually have hooked up I have 5 zones and it all 8 are lit up.


I know this post is a few years old now, but I was hoping you’d be able to share how you figured out how to hook up your orbit wireless sensor. The instructions online do not work for me, neither do the book that came with the sensor. I keep getting Watering skipped because of rain sensor activity immediately after installing.

Yea I couldn’t figure it out either it wouldn’t detect my rain sensor so I just deleted my rain sensor all together since I have the weather service that will adjust the watering as needed I really don’t see the need for the rain sensor anymore I think their automatic scheduling does a pretty good job.