Pet Treat Dispenser

Been working from home for months and the dogs really got used to us being home of much. But we have to return to office real soon and so I started hunting for a dog treat dispenser, the a light went off. Why doesn’t Wyze use their camera technology and create a low budget dog treat dispenser. I am finding that most of these appliances out on market now are usually over $100…what gives. Just an idea, hope you think it a good one!!!

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Not a bad idea. But I hope you don’t end up with sad, fat dogs. :frowning:

Maybe start weaning them earlier by spending more and more time out of the house?

I agree a pet treat dispenser would be AMAZING. I have a puppy and luckily am able to telework most of the time but when I do have to run to the store or errands I wish I had one of those pet treat dispenser but they are sooo expensive! Highly support this idea

I agree with this! I use a ton of Wyze products in my home, including pan cams to monitor my dog. I’m at work for 9-10 hours/day 5 days/week and I worry about my dog being home alone getting bored. I’ve also looked at automatic treat dispensers that I can control from an app on my phone or can dispense on an automatic timer (once every 2 hours or something), but like has been said here, they’re usually over $100 which is too much for one product. Since my home is already integrated with a ton of Wyze products, it makes sense for Wyze to develop a treat dispenser too. If I could connect it to my Wyze app and then have a button for “dispense a treat” and then it throws a single treat out maybe 2 feet in front of the dispenser and maybe makes a little chiming sound (so my dog recognizes when it happens), that would help me interact with my dog a little while I’m at home. And I can use the pan cam I already have to watch him and make sure it works. This might get tricky because treats can be all sorts of sizes, and the inside would need to be easily cleanable. But a good, affordable smart treat dispenser is REALLY lacking on the market right now so Wyze has an incredible opportunity to tackle this market!

Another idea is to be able to record your voice saying “come get a treat!” or something instead of a chiming sound. Or if it’s on an automatic timer (say every 2 hours), it can send you a Wyze notification that a treat has been dispensed.