Smart Pet Collar

Smart pet collar:

There are a few products out there but they aren’t great, Wyze could do better.

Activity tracking and history
Geo fencing with alert on option for beep/shock
Option for bark prevention
Ability to send data to vet clinics

I have activity data for all dog breads and Vet ready to help develop. Please contact me to discuss R&D/funding if you choose to pursue. This is an item that could be on the shelf of every vet clinic in the US if developed correctly.

Pet Training Collar That Works with Pet Door, Wireless Pet Fence, Food Dispenser, Robot Vacuum

I’d like one pet collar that is:

  1. recognized by a pet door to let pets in and out. The door could notify me if the pet comes in or out. And can put the door on a schedule to not open and light up when the pet gets near so they know it is locked out.
  2. that also automatically stops dogs from barking
  3. works with a wireless fence with an adjustable range. Some wireless fences will shock the pet if the power fails and I definitely don’t want that.
  4. Could even integrate the collar to food dispenser or treat dispenser.
  5. I’d like to set a time twice a day and the food dispenses for them.
  6. And when I take one of them for a walk my remote clipped to my pocket keeps them from wandering more than 10 feet away or some other distance programmed into it.
  7. The pet collar could even notify the Wyze Robot Vacuum which pet to avoid because they are more skittish.
    Collar Features:
    The collar starts with an audible alarm, then vibrates and finally sends a shock at a level I can adjust. And I need a kill button on the remote (not for the pet) but for the collar in case of malfunctions.
    And I’d like to be able to buy a collar for all 5 dogs that works with the system as well.
    They need to be rechargeable with a couple of days active use and maybe 14 days standby.
    Have built in LED lights so if I need to find them at night I can turn on their LEDs.

I’m having this same issue. I have tried a few products, but nothing seems to work well. I need a way to get alerts when my dog leaves a defined area (his fence).

Yes and works with indoor boundary sensors.

Wyze sensors could monitor activity. Wyze Cameras could follow pets while in the room based on collar communication.

Long battery life (16+ hours). Dog Door control, virtual/wireless gates indoor. :sparkling_heart:

GPS Pet Fence Collar with integrated indoor boundaries

I would love a GPS pet fence collar that uses maps to define boundaries that also can integrate with indoor pet control solutions like boundary devices, invisible gates, and controlled dog doors.

A battery life is at least 16 hours would be ideal for busy families who have work and then after school activities.

It would be super cool if the dog door could be programmed to refuse access to outdoors if battery level was below a user determined level.

Current Wyze sensors and cameras could be used to communicate with the collar and user about their dogs activity. The PTZ camera could be linked with the collar to track pet activity within the view range.

The only company with the gps and indoor boundary/dog door solution requires them to set up the boundary making it so that it isn’t easily changed. This is disappointing when other GPS collars allow more flexibility so that additional boundaries can be set when camping/traveling etc.

Features that would knock my socks off: POV I have a deaf yorkie that is very tiny and is super smart and can get out of any fence (he has even climbed a 10ft retention wall) he is too small for use of invisible fence, locator collars etc and when he gets out impossible to find because he cannot hear us) Combine locator collar, door and fence for a pet containment system. Choice of tag or microchip sensor or both. Include perimeter sensor so owner is notified if pet leaves perimeter of the home. Locator (with tag use) that pings pet locations using wifi, Bluetooth, radio or satellite technology. Chip opens and closes door and the time/date stamp is recorded in the app. Additional accessories: gate sensor to inform pet owners if the gate is left open. Location service could be a paid service.

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I would love to see them come up with a GPS dog collar. Not a dog tag but a dog collar. See my two big dogs love to play rough with each other and they always rip their tags off each other. If they had a collar with GPS and one with lights on it (for sporting dogs) to help for night location that would be great. Waterproof, rechargeable, noise indicator to call the dog (beeper) or vibrate (non static). This would be an amazing tool for dog lovers. I know I would switch from what I have now to something like this. Even another with a small camera type device. There you go! Three levels of collars. One with just GPS and lights. One with GPS, lights and sound. One with GPS and camera,