Wyze Lock: Integration with Doorbell and Doorbell Pro

I would love it if the Wyze Lock integrated with Ring Doorbell / StickUpCam or other motion detection products, so that Motion detection in certain zones was disabled while the front door is unlocked.

ANY COUPLE WHO HAS DOGS undoubtedly gets multiple useless alerts per day when the dogs are taken out to do their business. If only one person goes out to walk them at a time and the other person is not at home, they’re going to get motion events that are not actionable, and not worth sending.

It would be ever so nice if for at least 5-10 minutes after the deadbolt is unlocked, those alerts would be suppressed as long as it stays unlocked.

Given that Wyze is developing their own doorbell camera, I’m not sure how motivated they will be to integrate the lock with Ring. But it sounds like a grand idea for integration with the Wyze Doorbell when the time comes.

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What kind of “output” can i get from the Wyze lock?

For instance, i can “mute” ring myself by using iptables in my firewall to block it from the internet. But i need the Wyze lock to be able to initiate a Linux command first.

I came up with an idea. It sounds pretty stupid. But in lieu of any support from Wyze at all in any kind of API that allows a user to integrate their ring products with anything else, here’s what I came up with.

What if I bought a new AP, and reprogrammed my Ring Cams to use that AP. then put that AP on a Wyze Plug. Then I should be able to tell wyze to switch the plug off when door unlocks and on when the door locks.

That should cause an ‘outage’ of ring like I want, before ring sees any motion then right? Probably would be slightly better to put an ethernet switch between that AP and my normal network, and have the WyzePlug cut power to that switch instead of the AP, so that the RF session of the ring doesn’t have to be interrupted and re-establish. (which is slow compared to a 4 port hub rebooting.

Or I suppose i could get some 120v relays and power them through the wyzeplug, and take the ethernet pairs that run from the new AP to my existing network through those relays such that when the relay looses power it ‘pulls the plug’ of ethernet between the AP and network.

But wow. Like I said, What a stupid idea that I should have to jump through a hoop like that. and kind of needlessly dangerous to be making users use 120v as a kind of signaling API.

I could probably also power a 120v relay from a wyze plug and then use a z-wave closed contact sensor connected to that get a pure z-wave input that i could turn into an iptables or upnp rule on the router. But that might start to introduce enough lag that ring’s motion alert makes it out before i block it.

If you don’t want to integrate with Ring, I get it. (That’s childish, but I get it.) But if you don’t want to provide any vendor neutral API that a user could take upon themselves to integrate as they need, that’s not ok. That causes fragmented, poorly connected smarthomes that waste your customers’ time and money.

You can’t very well say you won’t play with any company that makes a competing product either.

You want to support alexa and google home hub right? Well both Amazon and Google(nest) have competing products, so I worry that you might kill those integrations if say, you come up with your own voice hub someday. Please don’t create walled gardens.

Sorry, I haven’t tested the lock myself so I don’t really know the specifics. I would assume that lock events can be used as triggers in Wyze rules, but again, I don’t know the specifics.

I want to clarify one thing. I’m not a Wyze employee and I don’t have an inside info on this. So when I said that I don’t know how motivated they will be to integrate with Ring, I meant just that: I don’t know. Perhaps they might be very interested.

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I would love to have Wyze Lock/Keypad integrate with Ring Alarm so that unlocking the lock with a code disarms the alarm.

Don’t hold your breath for either vendor to specificlaly support this. They both want to own your house, i mean, get you buy the whole kit from them and throw the other parts away.

Your only hope for interoperability like this is vendor neutral standards and open APIs that DO NOT reference their competitors specifically.

Integrate wyze doorbell and wyze lock
This will help to unlock the wyze lock directly from the Wyze door bell

Wyze Lock - Integration with Doorbell Pro

It would really be nice for the wyze lock to be integrated into the doorbell pro. If you ask me it’s rather dumb that they can do it with the doorbell but not the doorbell pro. Why is this so difficult?

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I have been wondering about this since switching to doorbell pro, it is a significantly better door bell compared to the original version, but I cannot, for the life of me, wrap my head around the logic of not carrying this feature, which in my opinion is very important, to a newer and “improved” product. And even harder to believe how no one else seems bothered by it. I found this thread and it was just created. Please Wyze work on this ASAP. I have their products all over my property and have been supporting them since the beginning . Just an amazing line up of products all around.