Wyze Lock Integration with Home Monitoring (Lock as Entry Sensor, arm, disarm, etc.)

I’d like to see the Wyze lock integrated with the Home Monitoring System to allow it to be used as an entry sensor, since the lock already has that functionality built in.

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In regards to the Home System I feel like it would be beneficial to make the Wyze door lock Able to link to the monitoring system and use it as a sensor for when the door is open or closed and able to make the alarm go of when the house is armed.


Something I would like wyze to add in the future would be for the home monitoring system to disarm if the wyze door lock was unlocked from the keypad. Because as of now it’s very inconvenient to have to punch in a pin at the door then go inside and have to go to another keypad to disarm the home system.


Update Lock hardware to work with new Sense Hub from Home Monitoring system. I don’t understand why you guys keep changing communication protocols… Product integration is one of the most important priority for an “ecosystem” to work.


Why isn’t the Wyze Lock apart of the Home Monitoring System? Since the Wyze Lock has the same notification feature, when the door is opened and closed, as the door/window sensors. It would have been ok to wait extra time for it to have already been apart of the Home Monitoring System.


This shouldn’t be a wish list item. It’s already a roadmap item for HMS. @WyzeTeam announced at the launch of HMS that the Wyze Lock will added to the system. I expect to see this in next update


People are missing the point. I strongly disagree with merging my post into this one!!! Sure making the Lock work with HMS is important. But my concern is: How many more separate Hubs you want us to have??? There’s one for HMS, one for Lock, one for Outdoor Cam. I still need to plug in the Chime for Doorbell. Does adding integration means another Integration Hub??? STOP!!! I understand certain communication have limitations thus require more than just Wifi or Bluetooth. BUT it doesn’t mean that it is acceptable to have a hundred million different hubs!!!


It seems so basic I was shocked it wasn’t integrated already but the lock should act like a for sensor. When the door is open, it should trip the alarm.

Better yet, when the door unlocks, it should disable the alarm.


Interesting how two hubs and a chime box = a hundred million different hubs. I like your logic!


Yes, would love to be able to disarm or arm when the lock is used - preferably when armed or disarmed from the lock keypad!


It would be great for a rule or integration to allow the home monitoring system to be disarmed when my door is unlocked using the Door lock keypad. It is very inconvenient to have to utilize 2 pin entries/keypads to enter my home and disarm the alarm system. Let’s he honest, how many people are going to use 2 different pins for this. It makes perfect sense to allow disarm from the exterior keypad.


Please integrate the Wyze Lock into the home security monitoring. For example, make it so the alarm goes off if the system is armed and the door with the lock on it is opened (just like the entry sensors do). In other words—the Wyze lock has an entry sensor in it, so why shouldn’t it be able to be integrated with the home security system?

Also, another way to vastly improve the home security system and user experience is to allow actions with the home security system to be integrated into rules and interactions with other Wyze devices. For example, allow me to make a rule that certain devices turn on/off when the home security system is armed/disarmed, etc.


Why can’t the wyze lock be used with the wyze home monitoring kit, as the sensor for that door? Is it possible to make this happen, since the lock alerts to the doors open and closed status already, it seems redundant to have to place a sensor on the same door. Anything in the works to integrate this?


I’d rather have the redundancy of an entry sensor.

Strongly agree that would like to see the lock act as a door open sensor in Home Monitoring so i don’t need to install an entry sensor in addition to the lock on a single door when the lock already has the capability to know when the door is open.

Also would like to see the Home monitoring system turned off when the door lock is opened.


Integration of all Wyze security products

I wish all of my Wyze security products would work with each other. By security products I mean the cameras, door locks, doorbells, and Home Monitoring System. These products all serve to secure your home but they don’t integrate with each other. In my opinion, all of these products should report to the Monitoring section of the Wyze app. Currently we can only see our security cameras, which does include the doorbell thankfully butI would also like to be able to see the status and events of the door lock. This would make it easier to correlate security events all in on place.

Another example of the security products integrating with each other would be allowing the HMS keypad to work with the door lock. In this scenario, I would be able to press a key or key combination to turn on “trash mode” when exiting the house for a short period of time.

Another example of integrating the security products is have the Home and Away settings check all doors and windows confirm that they are locked. Maybe include a verbal report such as “Perimeter secured”. This feature should also report any open doors or windows.

I think adding these features would help make Wyze a more complete security solution.


Yes to everything you said. Great ideas.

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Smart lock hub integration

The wyze smart lock should integrate with the Wyze hub.
Is there a way for the alarm to sound if there is tampering with the lock or if the door opens? Seems silly if there isn’t.


I guess we shouldn’t hold our breath… I don’t understand how this is a maybe later. These are two products that should be fully integrated, and right now they cant even communicate…