Wyze Monitoring integration with locks

I recently purchased a Wyze Home Monitoring plan along with the various sensors, but haven’t set them up yet, some devices are still in transit. I am in the market to purchase smart locks as well, and I am considering third-party locks with more extensive features than Wyze like Aqara U100, for example.

My question is, does Wyze Home Monitoring have tight integration with 3rd party smart locks, or is this something I can get working with some amount of work? I am more of looking at automations like locking/unlocking certain locks based on arming/disarming the security system. Or setting off the alarms based on unlocking of certain door locks, etc. So,

  1. Are these automations possible with Wyze lock?
  2. Are these automations possible with third-party locks, either through the Wyze app or through a central service like the Google Home app or IFTTT? My home is currently filled with Google/Nest devices so transitioning to Alexa/HomeKit may not be an option.
  3. If not, do you think this is something that is worked on and would be possible in the short-term?

I am not really sold on the Wyze locks, and would prefer to purchase a third-party lock if I can help it.


Welcome to the Wyze User Community Forum @tacticalchaos! :raising_hand_man:

Wyze Home Monitoring doesn’t have tight integration with anything. The system is totally inaccessible from Alexa, Google Home, and IFTTT. The HMS doesn’t even have tight Automation Integration within its own Wyze Rules. There are no Automation Actions whatsoever. The only Automation Integration you get are the following Triggers in Wyze Rules:

The Sensor Devices, on the other hand, are able to be integrated thru Wyze Rules, Alexa and IFTTT. I have not seen triggers in Google Home. But, these are only for Automations not related to the HMS.

I don’t have the locks so I’m not sure what Actions are available in the Wyze Rules for the locks. But, if the Actions are available for the locks, based on the Triggers for the HMS listed above, then Wyze Rules could handle this.

Nope. The alarm can only be triggered by an On Duty Sensor set within the Monitoring Settings. It cannot be triggered by an integrated Automation Rule, Routine, or Applet.


Hmm, that’s a bummer. Well, at least now I know what to expect, which is not much. So, looks like I would not be missing out much by not getting a Wyze lock. Hopefully, they get the triggers in Google Home and I can get at least some automations working.

Anyways, thanks a ton for the detailed answer.