HMS Google Assistant integration

When will we be able to integrate the Wyze Home Monitoring System with Google? I would like to be able to say “Hey Google, arm the security system” when I leave the house. It would also be nice to automatically set the security system to “home” to arm the contact sensors when I say “Hey Google, goodnight”

Currently the v2 sensors have integrations with alexa, but the wyze sense hub itself does not. The ability to have the alarm being armed/disarmed and the alarm itself being triggered as an programmable trigger for alexa and or google routines would be amazing. The speaker in the sense hub is not the loudest, allowing my alexa devices to assist would be amazing, especially for a large/multi story house. For example if my echo could sound an alarm when my wyze alarm is triggered with monitoring it would be audible and more of a deterrent throughout my entire home, not just where the sense hub is.

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@darrenbeau1 You can vote for Alexa integration in the wishlist thread below.

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I would like to have the ability to turn on monitoring using google assistant and make it park of my google routines.


Ability to arm home security system with Google home and Amazon Alexa

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PLEASE enable control via Google Home and Assistant, your products and services will be SO much better if you do!


They are. HMS is not an option yet for WYZE with Google.

To clarify - I know HMS is not an option with Google Assistant right now. I am requesting that we make it an option.

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Being able to Arm home with Google Home

When will this be an option


Welcome to the user forum @smcglynn1989!

Because this is a user forum, there isn’t much interaction with Wyze Team staff here unless it is something they are actively testing or debugging and getting user feedback.

This item is currently in Wishlist status, which means it hasn’t been picked up for ‘researching’ status yet (the banner tag will show this). After that it goes into ‘developing’, then, if it is a viable possibility that Wyze will move forward with, they will move it over to the Roadmap and start actively working toward implementation. Those ideas and improvements are the ones you will see in the foreseeable future.

It isn’t in Wishlist, Maybe Later status… Which is a good thing because those ideas were shelved.

So… In short … No time soon.

Hi, it would be highly appreciated if we can hear the leak sensor notification over the Wyze Hub or Google Nest Hub or Amazon Alexa. The same way or even better or louder than the sound we hear over the Wyze Hub once the Entry sensor sends a notification.

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+1 for the request to be able to arm HMS with Google Assistant as well as have Google Home speakers also sound an alarm notification if an alarm is triggered.


Come ON this is super basic functionality. This along with the lack of ability to view camera feeds from a Google Assistant action are really disappointing and honestly feel like false advertising with the whole “works with Google” badges on products.

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