Wyze Lock Integration with Home Monitoring (Lock as Entry Sensor, arm, disarm, etc.)

Why is this not a thing yet?


Because @Wyze has no clear vision of what its ecosystem should look like and is instead focused on ancillary products that increase it’s bottom line… or at least hasn’t communicated a clear vision.

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hahaha true

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Disarm home monitoring when I use the lock keypad

I would like the home monitoring system to disarm automatically when I unlock my wyze lock from the keypad.

I also agree with the desires expressed on this topic. Multiple hubs in the ecosystem does not make sense. I just installed my HMS and fully expected to see my Wyze door lock fully integrated into the HMS. For me that was a “duh” moment for me. I have a decorative front door that will not accommodate a sensor but I “assumed” that the door lock was already integrated into HMS. All my doors and windows are protected now except for my front door. I saw a note about saying this integration was expected to occur by Wyze but that post is quite old by tech standards. I am very hopeful that once integrated that it will be backwards compatible into HMS, or at least by rule allow integration.