Wyze Lock Integration with Home Monitoring (Lock as Entry Sensor, arm, disarm, etc.)

Why is this not a thing yet?


Because @Wyze has no clear vision of what its ecosystem should look like and is instead focused on ancillary products that increase it’s bottom line… or at least hasn’t communicated a clear vision.

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hahaha true

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Disarm home monitoring when I use the lock keypad

I would like the home monitoring system to disarm automatically when I unlock my wyze lock from the keypad.

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I also agree with the desires expressed on this topic. Multiple hubs in the ecosystem does not make sense. I just installed my HMS and fully expected to see my Wyze door lock fully integrated into the HMS. For me that was a “duh” moment for me. I have a decorative front door that will not accommodate a sensor but I “assumed” that the door lock was already integrated into HMS. All my doors and windows are protected now except for my front door. I saw a note about saying this integration was expected to occur by Wyze but that post is quite old by tech standards. I am very hopeful that once integrated that it will be backwards compatible into HMS, or at least by rule allow integration.

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The fact that this is already not a thing is, frankly, criminal. I would guess that many many users assume these products work together and purchase them (not exactly clear on any product page that they don’t) only to discover that they are not. Very frustrating.