Key chain remote for Home monitoring system

I was happy to receive the pre-ordered home monitoring bundle, until my wife asked me to return it because it does not provide a key chain remote. I’ve used two home monitoring systems before, and both came with a set of key chain remotes for convenient entry/departure. Using the keypad or the phone app to turn on/off the monitoring for every entry/departure would add security, but may be cumbersome for some people. So, would Wyze consider adding it as a component (or an accessory) to the home monitoring system?

This would be convenient for a lot of people who still use keys or key chains.

Something else that may suffice is to have a phone widget for Disarm, Home, Away on our phone’s main home screen or lock screen that is easy to press. That would basically work the same as a keychain (not have to log into the app, select the HMS, then select disarm or whatever). Honestly, I doubt my family will really use (arm) the HMS much unless we’re all leaving somewhere out of town because I doubt anyone but me would ever think to arm or disarm it.

Another thing that I think would supercede both of those options, is to improve geofencing automations:

  1. If anyone in the house (that the HMS is shared with) is home during the day time = disarmed automatically.
  2. If everyone is away from home = armed as away automatically.
  3. If anyone comes within X feet of home while it was set to away, automatically disarm the system.
  4. If it is past 11pm, and anyone is home, arm as “home” and then disarm again in the morning.

If Wyze builds in those geofencing options, I would use the HMS constantly and almost never use the keypad or phone at all anyway, and it would do everything I want without having to train, threaten, bribe, beg, and stress over my family actually remembering to do it (which they never would).

Still, it shouldn’t be too hard to create a key fob that will connect to the base with bluetooth for those people who still use keychains (I might even make my daughter carry one around if they offered them). I’ll vote for it to help out. Don’t forget to vote for it yourself up at the top.


I love the idea of a keychain option and arm/disarm shortcuts or widgets. It would be really disappointing to me if Wyze went with geofencing only to solve this shortcoming simply because not all endusers can use this feature. I use the Wyze lock and I love it, but the GPS on my devices are not precise or accurate enough to have those geofencing features turned on. I know I’m not the only one that has this issue too. Awesome idea in theory, not always great in practice.

Do you and your wife not have phones? I don’t see a big difference between pulling out your phone and tapping an icon, vs. pulling out a keychain and pushing a button. My previous system had a keychain remote and I’m frankly happy to have one less thing to drag around with me!

No need to patronize someone else’s opinion. Of course, I have a phone. It is a matter of preference. A key chain is something that I have to pull out anyway to unlock the door (using a key). So, pressing a button on a key fob remote is much more convenient vs. taking out my phone in addition to my key chain + entering pattern to unlock the phone + pressing an icon.

Completely agree with you here. A keychain would be so much more convenient than pulling out the phone…unlocking the phone…opening the app…going to the monitoring tab…disarming. It would be a slightly different story with shortcuts BUT I would still like shortcuts and a keychain! I personally use the Wyze lock, so I’m hoping the integration comes out soon and they can work on tying together the door keypad to disarming your HMS.

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You’re right, I was being obnoxious - my apologies!

Nonetheless, I suspect Wyze is just trying to be on the leading edge of technology, and keys - like plastic credit cards - are definitely old technology. Plus not offering a key fob might drive Wyze Lock sales…

First, @wjy1874 @dasnider I just wanted to say that I have major respect for both of you right now with how your talks between each other turned out without collapsing into some attack war. For wjy1874 to respond the way you did…well, I wish more people could handle comments like that to them exactly the way you did! Major respect for that. then for dasnider to apologize and accept responsibility…that’s extremely RARE to see anyone do. I am starting to wonder here if I am actually on the internet! You guys just made my day. Thanks.

Okay, now to say something relevant to the discussion so I’m not just saying something totally off topic…

I think it’s good that Wyze doesn’t include a keyfob with the starter-kit, since not everybody will want one, but it would be nice to provide one as an add-on for those who would find value in it.

Does anyone know how other systems’ key fobs work? Are they using Bluetooth or some other RF frequency to connect? I know both the lock and the HMS support Bluetooth. If they need a different RF frequency, will this version of the Hub be able to support a Key Fob? (I admittedly don’t know enough about this kind of tech…I am just trying to figure out if it’s actually possible with what the current hardware supports, or if they’d have to make an alternate hub to support it)

Also, if Wyze integrates the Doorlock to work with the HMS systems and count as a sensor in the system (because it can already tell when it’s armed or closed or not, etc), I would totally buy 2 or 3 locks!


I appreciate your replies. I agree. The remote would be a good add-on, but no need to be in the starter kit.

I could be totally wrong, but my two cents regarding the technology: HW probably don’t need to change (RF antenna, chipset, etc.), as you can probably use the same RF technology already used for communicating with sensors. It can be just a matter of SW communication protocol between devices. For security reasons, some RFID devices are set to function only as ‘slaves’ to the ‘master’ devices (pardon me for the politically incorrect terms, but they are easy to understand), rather than having a peer-to-peer communication status. If your HMS devices (base station, kep pad, sensors) are designed this way, then this may require some SW changes to the master devices to add a remote to the mix, but I don’t think there will be a HW change required.

Another thought on HMS and Wyze Lock: The two may go well together, but if one becomes a critical piece to the other, then this may limit the sales because it increases the hurdle.
In other words, if I have to also buy a Wyze Lock to minimize the inconvenience from having no remote for HMS, then HMS suddenly becomes less attractive as a standalone product. It is only good to me when combined with Wyze Lock.

My personal experience, Wyze Lock is a nice product but its benefits weren’t enough for me to ‘replace’ my existing locks (or just add more locks). HMS, on the other hand, I was willing to ‘replace’ my current system / service, primarily due to the lower monthly rate, which allows me to more than break-even on the replacement in less than a year.

Moreover, considering that there are many households that still do not have any HMS, the hurdle seems much lower for HMS vs. locks (i.e. no ‘replacement’ required for HMS). So, I’d position HMS as the Trojan Horse that gets the Wyze system inside the doors of many households, and then position Wyze Locks as a great combination (but not a necessity to HMS) to boost Wyze Locks sales later on. To do so more effectively, I would suggest focusing on the very first step first, which is making HMS a more appealing / complete product by itself, rather than saying ‘we have no remote, but you could buy a Wyze Lock to reduce the inconvenience.’ So, I believe having an add-on like a remote would definitely help.

I know HMS is in its infant stage, so I don’t expect it to be perfect at birth. I am just providing my feedback only because I am a big fan of your products and want them to be even better. Wish you the best, and will look forward to expansion of your product line.

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These are great suggestions and I hope Wyze can add them in the future. Even just the widget for iOS homepage to disarm/arm would be an easy win.

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I prefer my Keychain Remote over the App on my system (Not Wyze)

The keychain remote is with the key for unlocking the doors, much more convenient than opening the App, fingerprint sign-in, then disarm, compared to pushing on the button on remote before unlocking door.

Also the keyfob remote has Arm Stay, Arm Away, and Panic button besides Disarm

Would be great to have a physical keyfob that allows you to arm / disarm the HMS (Home Monitoring System)

Would a panic button on the remote help anyone out there?

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I never used the panic button on my remote, but the two previous HMS systems I used had a panic button in their remotes.

I am thinking of a remote control device that work with Home Monitoring would be a good add on. Just like car remote control to enable or disable the alarm, only smaller.
I know, you have the app on your phone to do the job. But a phone is a lot bulkier and you still need to find the app, open it and then find the Home Monitoring icon, tap on it, then you’ll be able to disable or enable the system.
While with a remote control, all you need to do is press on the disarm or arm button.
Wouldn’t it be nice?

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HMS keyfob to arm / disarm / panic - independent of app

A keyfob with the ability to arm / disarm / panic would be so useful. I do not like being totally dependent on an app or the keypad. A keyfob is something I can use or I can give to my children to use.

I have had SimpliSafe for many years and this is one of many features that makes me miss it. I left due to cost, but maybe this is a “you get what you pay for” issue.

I know two families that won’t use Wyze home monitoring without this. I have home monitoring, but a key fob that allows for activate/deactivate and panic at the least would be amazing.

Honestly, if there was better IFTTT support for home monitoring then it would be easy to make your own that could do this.

Sadly, there’s no way to work around this. You have to fish out your phone and tap several times to make monitoring changes. And, no, a widget wouldn’t significantly address this problem.