Home Monitoring HMS Arm/Disarm Widget

Please create a phone widget to arm/disarm home monitoring.

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Yes, I agree. I switched from Simplisafe. I’m a big fan of the work Wyze has done, but there are a few things I miss from the way I was able to interact with the whole Simplisafe system. One of the main ones was a widget that allowed me to easily switch between modes.

+1 on expanding the widget capability, especially with the HMS.

Would LOVE to have the ability to have an HMS icon on the home screen to long press and then select Away\Home\Disarm\Panic. Perish the thought I actually need to use the panic button and have to open the app and then find the monitoring tab, wait for it to load, find the panic button, press it, confirm the “did you really want to do this”… All half asleep with no glasses on.

We could even just start with being able to put those functions, along with cam sirens, in a group icon.

More Widgetry please!

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It would be so useful to have a widget just to arm/home/disarm HMS on my Android phone to avoid the hassle of opening the app and then clicking on HMS to do what I want to do. Same functionality would be nice on the Wyze watch as well.

That’s not a bad suggestion. Please make sure you vote for your suggestion, the Wishlist does automatically add one vote for you. I voted as well. :slight_smile:


+1 for me.

iOS Widget idea

I would like to recommend that home security gets added to the widget feature for iOS.

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Already delivered in 2.34 app last August. Closing the topic.