Home Monitoring HMS - action account notification

It would be nice, now that we can share home monitoring, to get a notification when someone arms or disarms the system and what account did the action. For example, a push notification that says “person@email.com set device name to disarmed. “

I like that idea. You’re going to get my vote on this one :slight_smile:

I don’t necessarily need the account, but having a notification when armed or disarmed would be helpful.

HMS Notifications When Arming/Disarming From App

When arming/disarming from the app, there are no notifications received on the phone. This is important especially when sharing HMS. In my case I share HMS with my wife and when either of us arm/disarm, the other is unaware of it.

I recently moved from CPI to Wyze HMS and am super happy so far. This feature was available within CPI and was extremely useful when more than one person uses the system. Notifications work fine when arming/disarming from the keypad but we almost never use that

Thank you!

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