Arm/disarm notification

How can I get a push notification when my HMS is armed and disarmed? Seems like this should be 101 in a security system.


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For some reason I thought it already did this. I could’ve sworn that I have seen notifications for when the HMS was set to Home or Disarmed, but I just checked on my schedule and it didn’t post a notification for when it was armed or disarmed on my normal schedule. Maybe it only shows when it is armed or disarmed from the keypad or something. Now I am curious. Maybe I misremembered.

Even if it does show it for certain things (like the keypad) and not others (like when changed through the app or on a schedule), I agree with you that it should be updated to be able to ALWAYS have a notification for any of those state changes.

If anyone does some testing to figure out when it does or does not show notifications (besides when an alarm is triggered), I would be interested in hearing what you learn (notifications for Armed/Disarmed using keypad vs app, vs schedule).

Also, if anyone gets around to submitting this on the wishlist, I will vote for it. I agree we should have the option to be notified whenever the state changes. Additionally, since we’re now able to create “Additional PINs” and NAME those pins with people’s names, etc, it would be nice if the notification actually tells us WHOSE PIN was used to lock/unlock the system when a PIN is used. But just a state change notification in general is the minimum IMO.

I did see that Wyze is soon adding a new feature that lets us create routines based on the state change as a trigger, but since there isn’t an “Action” for “send me a notification” based on a trigger, we can’t resolve this request with that new feature. I mean, we can have Wyze bulbs change color or flash or something to let us know, but we still need an option to send a push notification to our phones.

Thanks @ryanbonin for posting this idea. Hopefully the HMS team will take it into consideration and get it handled.


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The system already push notifies of being armed and disarmed when the PIN pad is used to initiate the mode change.

It does not push notify when the App is used to Arm and disarm… Because you are in the app…using it. I am guessing this is because they don’t think you need notified since you’re already actively using the app to arm and disarm the system.

It does not notify is a shared user uses the app to arm or disarm. There is a #wishlist request for this function.

I don’t use arming schedules. But from what I gather from @carverofchoice, it doesn’t notify on scheduled arming either. This would be an issue for me. Thanks for the request.

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Thanks buddy. I wasn’t in a position to verify myself at the time. I figured it must be working like that. Thanks for checking!

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I submitted the following wishlist request that should cover the functionality of what you are looking for.

Follow the link below and vote at the top of the thread. Add a reply post if you like.

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Thanks for the response @carverofchoice and @SlabSlayer . I don’t think I am getting push notifications when the keypad is used to change the state. I use this system for my business so I will know for sure later this morning when one of my employees opens up and I will report back. You say that there is a way to create multiple user pins? That was going to be my next question as I can’t find out where to do this and it also seems like this should have been a standard feature from launch.
Thanks again guys!

Make sure you have all your notification settings in the app enabled and not muted as well as on your iPhone.

The multiple user unique PIN is currently a feature being tested in the Beta App that is in its final testing phase. Once that releases you should see the function become available.

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