HMS Mode Additional User Selected Push Notification Toggles

The Wyze HMS will currently send a Push Notification to the App \ Device when:

  • Keypad Arms or Disarms System
  • An Entry Delay is started
  • An Alarm is activated

These Push Notifications cannot be disabled by the user. There are no settings to change this.

This request is for the development of a “Notifications” UI within the Home Monitoring Settings, much like the Notifications UI in the Cams, that allows the user it toggle on or off which notifications are sent. This functionality would include an expanded list of new notification choices as noted below in bold:



  • Entry Delay Started
  • Alarm Activated
  • Alarm Cancelled


  • Arms Away [w\ User PIN ID specified]
  • Arms Home [w\ User PIN ID specified]
  • Disarms [w\ User PIN ID specified]
  • Alarm Cancelled [w\ User PIN ID specified]


  • Arms Away [Automated]
  • Arms Home [Automated]
  • Disarms [Automated]

Wyze App:

  • Arms Away
  • Arms Home
  • Disarms
  • Alarm Cancelled

Shared User App:

  • Arms Away [w\ user identified]
  • Arms Home [w\ user identified]
  • Disarms [w\ user identified]
  • Alarm Cancelled [w\ user identified]

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