Stop notifications when home monitoring disabled

I just set up home monitoring today, I get notifications every time someone opens a door or walks past a motion detector when the system is disarmed. Am I missing a setting to only get notifications when the alarm is armed? Thanks


Following…I am having the same issue and it is extremely annoying. When system is disarmed, there should be NO notifications! There has to be a solution to this.

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Why not just disable notifications in the device settings? Then you just get alerts when the alarm triggers when it is armed. Once a device is added to the HMS there is no effect to the alarm if notifications are on or off in any or all the devices.

With notifications disabled and an alarm state is triggered, no notifications are sent On Android based pbones. On Apple phones this works as critical alerts are always sent, but Android users get NO notifications of Alarm trips when notifications disabled. I believe it is even stated in the setup procedure that only iphones will get critical alerts with notifications disabled…the only fix to this ongoing issue is to tie notifications to HMS status or allow rules to be setup based on HMS statis

Notifications are sent. You are notified when hub starts beeping, you are notified when the alarm goes off, you are notified with a txt message, you are notified with a call. The only thing your not notified with is push notifications which is what i thought you were hoping to eliminate.

This is how I set my system up, I was getting annoyed at all the notifications too. Then I realized that’s what I have the alarm system for. You can always reset a notification even in the disarm mode for just one sensor when you need it. For instance, having a BBQ in my backyard, I’ll just set up notifications on the front door so I know when guests arrive when I am way in the back. After the party stop the notifications.

Hoping to eliminate push notifications while in DISARMED mode. Push notifications should still be sent when in Away mode. True all the other ways via text, calls, etc happen but ONLY after the entry delay is exceeded which could be anywhere from 30 seconds to 180 seconds.

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I think another way you might handle it in your situation is on the home screen there is a little bell icon and you can just stop the notifications when your home. NOT the similar looking icon that is on the monitoring page, that is the alarm.

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Yes that is the way I’ve been doing it for now, but you could imagine that would get old rather quickly with each mode change…thanks for the post

Your welcome, I am just another frustrated Wyze guy trying to figure my own things out. Actually the mode change really has no effect on the push notifications, I’ve come to realize this is two totally different systems in one. you can use it as a Wyze sensor and/or an alarm sensor. You would just need to mute the notifications when your home and still do whatever you want with the alarm.

Anyway good luck with your system!