Alarm system aggravation

There is a very annoying feature with the alarm system that is driving me nuts. When I have the system disarmed it’s still sending me notifications. I’m getting 60 to 70 a day. Is there a way to only get notifications when the system is armed?

(01:07:20 PM) Jericho: Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to override the notifications since its security monitoring.

Are you certain the notifications are coming from the security system? The sensors have settings to send alerts separate from the security system.


Turn off notifications for those sensors in high traffic arears, You’ll still get notifications when the system is armed.

Thank you sir. I’ll give that a shot and let you know how it goes.

Yes there is, like mentioned above you can go into the individual devices and change their individual notifications settings. HMS is purely the service that uses the event triggers from the hardware devices like the Sense sensors to trigger a monitored alarm, based on your HMS settings. Your Sense device settings are independent from your HMS settings.

Thanks very much!!!

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I set a rule on mine. I created the rule for my motion sensor to not send notifications when the system is not armed

How do you set a rule to only send notifications from the motion sensor only when armed ?