False Notications in Disarmed Mode

I recently installed the monitoring system. I have had cameras at two properties for years. Upon install I immediately started receiving Notifications of Motion from Motion Sensors and Camera IN DISARMED MODE. Why???

Support sent me two new motion sensors. Same issue. Then Support says that is the way it is and turnoff Notifications when you don’t want them. That does not work as have two properties.

Can’t believe this has not been an issue before and resolved.

Please comment if anyone has had this same issue.

The notifications being received from individual sensors aren’t coming from the HMS and do not adhere to the armed\disarmed status.

Because the Sense Hub and sensors can be used without any monitoring for automation purposes using rules or routines, the sensor notifications are a function of each sensor, not the HMS.

Open the sensor that is sending you the notification and turn off “Send Notifications” in the notification settings.

Doing so will NOT affect the push notification you will get from your HMS when the entry delay has been tripped or the alarm is set off. This will still happen if that sensor is an on duty sensor in your Home or Away list. It will also not affect any function of the sensor to activate your alarm and alert Noonlight.