Wyze Home Monitoring and cam plus, disable alerts when disarmed

I’ve been an Abode user for 3 years. It leaves a lot to be desired and I was thrilled to be able to combine the cameras I love (and door lock) with home monitoring.

Unfortunately I find myself incredibly frustrated with the experience.

I subscribed to Cam Plus for the three cameras I actually care about connecting to home monitoring. All of the are inside my house and there seems to be no way to disable alerts.

With cam plus and my motion sensor I get a literal never ending feed of alerts when I’m home, every maybe 60-90 seconds someone in my house is setting off something. In some ways I actually understand cam plus just being on constantly. But why is my motion sensor notifying me when the system is disarmed?

Is there no way to tell the hub to shut off all alerts when the alarm is disarmed?

While I’m at it, a few more questions:

  1. Am I allowed only 1 contact and 1 keypad pin? Abode supports 3 contacts (in case someone doesn’t pickup) and an infinite number of alarm pins (for guests, visitors, house sitters, etc.)

  2. Feels like Cam plus is completely wasted on cameras inside my house. Can someone talk me off this ledge?

Think of the motion sensor (any Sense v2 hardware, contact sensor) as a stand alone product. The motion sensor has its own notifications settings. The HMS uses the events from the motion sensor to trigger or not a HMS alarm depending in your hms mode state. The motion sensor app push notifications are Independant of the HMS system. There are wishlist items for rule triggers and such to use the mode change if the HMS as a way to change the notification settings of the Sense v2 things, but nothing is pushed out to all of us yet. In the meantime you can make manual shortcut rules to change the notification settings for the motions untill such time that the process can be automatic.

Currently there is only one pin allowed, and I believe only one phone number allowed with HMS.

ok, so really what we’re saying is that I should treat this like a beta and if I want full blown “alarm” functionality I need to keep my existing system.

That’s probably a fair point, when I got my door lock it needed to be recalibrated all the time but now it auto calibrates if left closed and locked for a while.