Malfunctioning motion sensor!

I have recently purchase home monitoring as well as a few entery sensors and keypad a hub and 2 motion sensors.
I set up everything multiple times and i keep getting same annoying notifications when the whole system is on disarmed !
On disarmed mode , i get sent notification to my phone.
Basically in disarmed mode, i stand up, motion catches me , sends a notification to phone. Then the dog moves i get another one. If anyone opens the door i get one … in less than hour i get over 85 notifications. It is annoying.
1- turning off notifocation on the app iss not an option, because i forget to turn it on again when i am going away
2- urning off notifocation is not possible on my phone since i need to be available almost always.
3- has anyone else had tge same issue?
4- how didnu fix it?

HMS Events are different than device notifications, and the individual device notification is what i believe you are getting. You can go into the motion sensor device through the app home page and disable the notifications. This is different than your settings for which sensors trigger during “home” and “away” modes in the HMS settings. If you disable the individual device notifications, this wont effect your HMS triggered events.


I did try your suggestion.
It did not work. When i turn off the notification of course i do not hear or see the notification on my phone in disarmed mode, but i do not see it in away mode either.
Do you have any other suggestion?
This is a silly bug in the system, is there a way you can order someone to fix it? Extremely annoying.
Any other suggestion?

If you disable the sensor notifications, you will not get any app push notifications for events, but if you have the sensor assigned to a HMS “mode” and have the system set to that mode, then when the sensor triggers, your system will alarm.

Please post some screen shots of what your seeing in here. Maybe some fresh eyes on your setup will shed some light of what your experiencing.

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