Need [Android] Widget for Alarm & Sensors

Very confusing to have sensor states on one tab [actually one level below tab] and the actual Set/Disarm for Monitoring on a separate tab. very poor HMI or whatever the current acronym is. How about a widget on the android home screen with sensor states and alarm state ???

Yes, the home monitoring is wonderful, however, it doesn’t directly notify us by phone if the home alarm goes off.

We need an option to set a special notification sound and message for a home alarm.

It would be so awesome to have an app widget to toggle the home monitoring system between disarmed, home, and away status. Or at the very least, a shortcut widget button that takes you directly to the home monitoring section of the Wyze app so that you don’t have to watch the wise app and navigate to the home monitoring section to quickly arm or disarm the app.


Yes, I agree. I switched from Simplisafe. I’m a big fan of the work Wyze has done, but there are a few things I miss from the way I was able to interact with the whole Simplisafe system. One of the main ones was a widget that allowed me to easily switch between modes. And I seriously need the Wyze Lock to disarm my system when it gets unlocked.

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