Home Monitoring Integration with other Wyze products

It would be good if the monitoring system could be integrated with the light bulbs and wall plugs so that the bulbs and other lights can go on and off without setting off the alarm. This would be a great feature

It would be great to be able to create rules based on the security systems status. For example if the alarm is set to home then set the Wyze bulb in the living room as red. This will tell the rest of the family to turn off the alarm before letting the dog out in the morning.

If I understand your request correctly, you can already do that. The motion sensors and door sensors can be used to control lights and plugs and to record video with the cameras. You just need to setup rules. HMS won’t do this.

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I am sorry but that’s not what I am talking about.

Try thinking of it as a solution for the deaf. The deaf can’t hear the HMS say it’s disarmed. A big status light, or using a WiFi enabled bulb, would do perfectly. This could also be used for alerting the deaf if the alarm is tripped. The HMS could turn on all WiFi lights, maybe even blink them, set the lights to the brightest color to help wake them up at night.

Using cameras and door sensors just says everything is closed. Having a light change colors with the HMS status of away, disarmed or home would help the deaf. (Or help young children who know a morning routine, know how to turn off a HMS but don’t have a status light to look at before letting the dog out for its morning constitutional.) :grinning:


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When I first read your post, I also thought you wanted to be able to perform automation of the Wyze lights and plugs… You may want to edit your title for clarification so folks will have a better idea of your good idea… I agree… there should be some automatic visual notifications to help identify the HMS arm status… (Note, if you are within close proximity to the keypad, you will be able to see the status of the HMS as the current mode is lit up for a few seconds… not quite on the same level but is at least a quick HMS status identifier.)

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Now that I fully understand your request I am in complete agreement. Those are excellent ideas.

Please integrate the Doorbell!


Yes, absolutely! The Doorbell and Doorbell Pro should be available as security cameras in home monitoring.

So if I have the motion sensor set up when it goes off I can set a rule to trigger an outlet sensor ( which I have a loud siren plugged into? Please tell me how. Thank you

Here is my rule for two bulbs but the concept is the same.