Pet door, with rule or manual locking system and camera/detection (Not RFID/microchip enabled)

I would love to see a pet door where through the app I can control the lock status (open, closed, in only…) that can be set manually via the app or with rules, such as in-only after 3pm… Added bonus: camera that is triggered when the door is opened, in or out. NOT MICROCHIP REQUIRED. I want my cats to have freedom during the day, but I really want to get them inside in late afternoon when the predators start to stalk, but that’s while I’m still at work. The camera feature can help me see whose come and go, and then when all pets are secure at home, I can manually change it to be locked in both directions to keep out other critters.

Wyze Pet Door controlled by app

It would be fantastic to have a Wyze pet door with the ability to lock and unlock the door when away from the home. For instance, we do not let the cat out of the house until day light; we leave for work before it is light. We could unlock the pet door from our phone later in the day. If it is raining or other bad weather, we would not unlock the door. This is why just a timer would not work on a pet door. The pet door could have a camera attached to it, similar to the doorbell camera. Even better would be an option to have the camera recognize the pet and unlock the door for the pet, thus excluding other animals from entering.

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