My bf thinks his bedroom is being broken into by a sibling. We were going to outfit his room with a camera. We were hoping for a wireless one so a cord was not seen. Does Wyze have a wireless? If not, which would be most recommended? Thanks!

Also can the recording time be extended longer than 12 seconds and can you watch live video on these?

The Wyze cameras require a USB power cable, but they are Wireless as far as network connection goes.

At the moment you can install an SD card and set it for continuous recording if the 12 second event limit is too short. This is free except for the cost of the SD card.

An upcoming release called CMC is coming that allows for longer event videos for a nominal fee.

If you want truly wireless battery operated look at Blink or Arlo. But be warned battery powered cameras tend to be ONLY event driven.

when you say event driven I am presuming you mean motion detecting is when it records. I thought thats how these worked also? Sorry, we are trying to detect anyone entering while he is gone. Thanks!

Yes just remember motion detection is not 100% reliable. Battery operated cameras usually ONLY record video in response to an event. Wyze (with an SD card) offers 24/7 video recording.

so with the sd card can you shut off recording through the app for example if you are home? Are you able to view live at any given time also?

You could turn the camera off entirely via the App when you are home yes. And you could live view the camera anytime it is on irrespective of the continuous recording settings.

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If you want to hide a camera, you can put it in something or use skins from Amazon to disguise it. USB cords come in a variety of colors to fit in with the decor as well. I just have mine sitting on bookshelves or attached to the wall.

You can create shortcuts in the Wyze App that allows you to turn on/off one or more cameras with a touch. I use these to turn my cameras on when I leave the house and off when I get home.

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It hasn’t been mentioned but also look into the Wyze Sense contact sensors. Each one is a two piece magnetic sensors which one half gets put On a door, and then the other half gets put on the door frame and you can get same notifications within the Wyze ecosystem like the motion from the camera. These are pretty small and can be hidden fairly well also.

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