What type of setup?

Good morning, I am new to security cameras and have a few questions. I need cameras for inside my house, I will be traveling for a few weeks and want to keep an eye on things and have things recorded. I was looking at these cameras because I like the look and they seem to be a great price. Do the cameras have motion sensors built in? How do you save the videos? Thank you for any replies.

  1. They are not security cameras, as per Wyze.

  2. They detect motion by looking at the video image but they do not have “PIR” sensors. Those are available separately.

  3. You can save videos to an internal SD card. This only very rarely actually works for me.

  4. Motion events can be stored on Wyze servers and downloaded, in just 12 second clips (with a 5 minute period of forced inactivity) or continuously at extra cost.

  5. When you choose to save a clip it’s downloaded to your phone.

Contrary to Customer’s report on his #3, I have an SD card in all 19 of my Wyze cameras and have not any any issues watching the recorded video - either via the phone app, or when plugged into a computer. I have all 19 cameras set for continuous recording and all have High Endurance SD cards. Note that SD cards have a finite number of write cycles so they all will eventually fail. Cards designed for video will last longer. Further note that the few SD cards I bought from Wyze all died early deaths. I don’t recommend them.

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You will definitely get the unvarnished reports of many knowledgeable people with widely differing hardware, experiences and situations on this forum! :slightly_smiling_face:

Many people are having real and serious issues, and many are not. So your mileage may vary. If you do choose Wyze, definitely set it up and test it as much as possible before leaving town!

I will steal from of one review on Amazon - Not a security camera, but well worth the money for non-critical applications.

Being simpler than the Pan cams, the V2 cams seem to have fewer issues.

Good home WiFi and a fast internet connection are more critical for video cams than most applications. If you are a gamer, your setup is probably fine. :grin:

If you read the Wyze spec sheet, please read it like a lawyer (pay attention to exact wording) and with a grain of salt - the cams can do all this stuff, but not all individual units will do so reliably in every scenario.

If you are researching this forum, I suspect you have already seen the plethora of YouTube reviews and how-to videos on Wyze cams. This recent summary one is for outdoor cams, but most of it applies to indoor cams as well.

All that being said, I have a bunch of V2 cams watching a bunch of buildings in several cities and overall the results have been very acceptable for my needs. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the responses. I’ve never worried about this stuff before so it’s all new to me. I haven’t gone into YouTube yet, I thought that I’d start here. I don’t need a continuous recording, just motion detection. So, would you have to set the motion detector up with the camera? Also, how many hours of recording do you get for what size of card?

No the cam does pixel based motion detection on its own, and has IR lights for night vision. The add-on sensors are for clever smart home stuff. :wink:

On a 32 GB card, about three days continuous recording in HD, maybe more in SD. I forget exactly. But, if you’re doing event only recording, it just depends on how much motion is going on in your house while you’re gone. :slightly_smiling_face:

The 12 sec motion clips that are saved to the Wyze cloud are saved for 14 days and do not require a SD card.

As @K6CCC mentioned above, this is the hot tip SD card - doesn’t cost much more than a regular one either. (well, there are other brands, but you get the idea)


Nice. It’s always fun to leave town when you have family members that you can’t trust. That’s the reason. This is great information and I really appreciate it.

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Hope it helps! And hope your trip in enjoyable! :slightly_smiling_face:

FYI - A lot of people here hate when you call them security cameras. :roll_eyes:

They are marketed as smart cameras for home security by the original manufacturer Xiaomi (Mijia Xiaofang) though; Wyze puts in their own software in the cameras and label them as smart cameras. :thinking: