Your vote counts! And so do your ideas!

The #wishlist is a great feature that I don’t think gets the attention it deserves. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of people have already used it and either voted for their favorite ideas or contributed their thoughts. But I hear and see a lot of great ideas that never seem to show up there.

Since none of us work for Wyze we can’t just walk into a meeting and suggest something. The #wishlist is our voice at Wyze. Our votes really do matter, and no idea is not worth being at least listened to. Since I have been involved on these forums I have watched things progress from #wishlist to #roadmap and a few even end up in the product.

No, it’s not majority rule, the most votes don’t guarantee something will happen but it certainly factors into the thinking and planning at Wyze. Sure sometimes the answer is no, or maybe later, (I am still waiting for my Wyze Jetpack and my Wyze drone?) but it’s a sure bet some of our suggestions have actually inspired or motivated some folks at Wyze.

So if you are frustrated with something, or want to see something different please think about sharing.