Attention wyze staff

You should add a “clean camera” or a “spiderweb detected” push notification. Where notifications are automatically stopped until the camera is cleaned.

Feel free to pay me millions for this idea. Venmo -@buffguy1184

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Welcome to the Wyze User Community Forum @YoungTeezy! :raising_hand_man:

Great ideas. But if you want Wyze to see your new feature request, you are going to need to post it in the Wishlist.

If you would like to request that Wyze add this feature, that is handled thru a new topic post in the Wishlist. Go to the Wishlist, thoroughly search the topics for one that matches your request. If you find one, vote for it at the top, like :heart: some posts, and add your reply post to support the request. If you do not find a match, submit a new topic for moderator approval.

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