How do I tell the developer about a feature I'd like to be incorporated into the app?

You know how maps, or YouTube, can run in the corner while you do something else on your phone? I’d like it if wyze could do the same. We use the cameras to make sure the kids are lying in bed, not getting up, hanging over the end of the bunk bed, reading after bedtime, etc. But we literally can’t do anything else on our phone while waiting 45 minutes for the rats to fall asleep.

You would submit it to the Wishlist. But first you would search the Wishlist to see if it’s already there. See this topic for more info:

The feature you’re after is called picture-in-picture (PiP). A quick search of the Wishlist finds this entry:

So please jump over there and vote for and/or comment in the thread.


I like to listen to podcasts on my Android cell phone. When checking Wyze Event videos, the podcast audio pauses. What I end up doing is checking Wyze on an iPad while listening to podcasts and doing other things on my Android cell phone.

Two devices might be the best solution until Wyze grants your Picture-In-Picture WishList item. 45 minutes is a long time to wait to use your cell phone.

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That is a great feature to have! I voted for it.

Many times, when I want to monitor a cam but still poke around on some other app, I will use the Android Split Screen feature to multitask. Sizing them is sometimes an issue since the panes can’t be resized. But it is effective.

I have been searching for a third party app that will embed any app into a floating overlay, but haven’t found one yet that will stream a Wyze Cam.

I also use the TinyCam Pro App to stream all my Wyze Cams. This app DOES have a PIP feature that will stream a Wyze Cam (doesn’t support OG or Floodlight Pro yet) in a floating PIP overlay. There is a Free Version as well as the Pro Version.

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An update to this feature…

Wyze has rolled out its first Cam with OS PIP capability. With an update to the most current 2.44 App version and up to date firmware on the Wyze Flood Light Pro, it can initiate an always on top PIP of the FLP Live Stream that can be repositioned on the screen while you cruise around on other apps.

I’m really hoping the introduction of this feature leads to it being integrated into the rest of the cams!