Picture-in-Picture (PiP) Feature


I’m not sure if it’s on the road map yet, but if not I think think PiP would be very useful in the IOS app. This would allow for the app to be ran in the background and video in a smaller box, similar to Netflix IOS PiP feature.

MODERATOR NOTE: This also applies to the Android App.

MODERATOR NOTE 2023-07-25: The status of this wish has been updated to in-progress as the test for the first camera (Floodlight Pro) is now in beta testing.

PiP = Picture-in-Picture, also called Persistent Background Video in the iOS lingo. [added to help folks find this topic in searches]


It would be exceedingly useful, esp. given the extra real estate. iPad owners could get other work done on their devices while at the same time monitoring the baby crib, etc. PiP has been brought up previously here in the forum(s), but not as a separate Roadmap request.


Thanks buddy! I thought PiP was far to simple of a naming convention for apple! LOL

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Since android Oreo (2017), android has supported PiP on phones and tablets. This would be a great addition for the Wyze App on android. I use this ability in various apps (Netflix, YouTube, Google Maps, video calls, etc.) so that I can use another app while still keeping an eye on the video feed.


Really would love to be able to see a PIP feature when using my iPad Pro 2018 just recently purchased 3 Wyze cams and I am a heavy iPad user think it would be a killer feature


This would be very useful. I’ve had another camera app that would still do sound when the app was in the background or when the device (phone/tablet) running the device was in lock mode. Both times the app still monitored sound.


I use these cameras not only to monitor my property, but as a baby monitor when my daughter is in her bed. I would love to be able to keep the camera open and streaming on my phone while on other apps. Like how Netflix & Youtube minuses down to the lower corner, like picture-in-picture. The fact that I have to have the app open to watch her and cannot use my phone for anything else while she is asleep is the only downfall for me.


Is there anyone who WOULDN’T want the ability to view any screen on their device while at the same time view their camera on a “floating” thumbnail ( real sized thumbnail) ?
Productivity would double as you would be viewing 2 applications at the same time.
Is this or anything similar on any roadmap?


I am 100% with you!! I Don’t know any reason why someone WOULDNT want the option to be able to have the camera in a small picture in picture feature. Just like Netflix and GPS does…


It shouldn’t be too difficult to develop - as some competitors with overall less features than WYZE- in fact have this availability.

Really looking forward to this.


When I want to do that, (Android) I swipe up from the bottom of the screen, drag the Wyze app to the top until it “sticks” to the top half of the screen, then tap the app that I want to see on the bottom of the screen.

Many thanks-

Swiping from the bottom does not move the camera viewing window for me on the Galaxy s10+ ( nothing happens with swipe up)
Are you stating that you are able to view a camera - while at the same time read and write emails etc?

Android split screen mode.

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Many thanks.

What we are looking for is a pip thumbnail that can be viewed and moved anywhere on the screen.

Lesser developed cam companies have this for a while already. (even tinycam has pip though only for one camera at a time)

Really hoping wyze will complete this for all of us…

HINT: Android allows only 1 PiP window. However in tinyCam you can use floating windows feature and have 4 PiPs at the same time. In tinyCam app go to Settings - Developer Settings and change ‘Floating windws & PiP’ to ‘Floating windows’. You should allow tinyCam app drawing on top of other apps then.


Many thanks

We were able to view the 4 cameras as pip in tiny cam. however- we had to do it 4 times to effect it, once for each camera.

Is there a way to effect all 4 with one action rather than 4 actions?

Additionally- if Wyze would have the pip availability- all 4 cameras ( as displayed simultaneously on the screen currently ) would ALL be view-able simultaneously in the pip mode.

Kindly continue to revert back with suggestions options.

Many thanks


You can do that via Tasker (Android app for home automation). tinyCam has Tasker plugin and allows opening floating windows there as well. You can create a task which opens 4 cameras as floating windows at the same time.

Many thanks

How do we add sound to the floaters?

as of now there is no sound.

Enable ‘Background audio’ in app drawer. Not sure if it works with floating windows though.