Picture in Picture for Floodlight Pro

There’s a small icon for PIP but when I tap it all it shows is the actual cam view. What is it for and/or how does it work. I was hoping for a similar experience to the OG’s PIP. Thanks!! @mavens


It isn’t a PIP to view two paired Cams like the OG.

It is a PIP like you would use on your TV. Put the cam on the PIP and it will overlay any other app so you can cruise around your phone apps or make a call, send a text, watch a movie, whatever… and still be watching the live stream in the PIP. You can move it around the screen. If you use Google Maps, it is like their PIP when doing turn by turn Navigation and you minimize the app.

As soon as you reopen the Wyze App, the PIP discontinues.


WOW!! Awesome!! I never would have figured that out without your help!! Thank you THANK YOU!!!


Any time! Glad it helped.